Our Story

My name is Ivana Bosnjak.
I am a single mother of two, a successful business coach, and I was able to grow many successful business online.

Back in 2007 I became an online Entrepreneur and my journey to success was rocky, but I’ve always pushed through which is what made me a success. I now help coaches establish their successful coaching practices online.

Why coaches?

Because working with coaches had a huge positive impact on my life. I want to help you make a bigger impact. Let me share a short story with you…
My Dad was a guy who made a huge impact in other people’s lives as a life coach and psychologist. He helped so many people that even today after he passed, I get calls from some of his clients telling me what an impact he had on their lives and how much they miss him.

He was interviewed by many newspapers, he was on national TV, he was on many radio shows.


When it came to business, he really didn’t know much about it. He was getting most of his clients through referrals and here and there through some of those media coverage he had.

And because of it, his flow of clients was not consistent.

Getting referrals is great… but it is not a scalable business strategy…

The reason I share this is…

One of the things my Dad said to me a few weeks before he passed, “I wish I learned more about business so I could have helped more people and I am proud you choose that path.”

I want to help coaches who really care about their clients make a huge impact.

As I’ve been in business almost my whole life, I can help you with knowledge and experience I’ve gathered over many years and turn you into a huge success.

You owe it to the world!

Stop playing small ❤

Let me help you grow your coaching/consulting practice through Authority Building, Lead Attraction and Simple Funnels that work.

Mission Statement

As a digital entrepreneur, my road to success was very bumpy and at times I’ve felt lost, stressed, and depressed without anyone to turn to, as often coaches and mentors were interested a lot more in filling their pockets with money without providing real value to their clients.

That is WHY I am on a mission to help coaches, consultants, and course creators cut through the junk and stop chasing the shiny objects and instead help them focus on growing one successful business through strategic planning, authority building, automation, and most importantly by taking the right kind of action so they can make an impact in the lives of their own clients.

Vision Statement

To become a world leading business coach that helps coaches, consultants and course creators impact more lives.

Ivana Bosnjak - CEO

has been an entrepreneur since 2001, moving into the digital space in 2007. When she believes in a vision, she makes it happen. So with the idea to help digital businesses grow their establishment through the right marketing methods, she formed a powerful team with expert staff which these businesses can leverage in order to grow their coaching client base and increase revenue.

Azra Arslanagic-Fetahovic - Executive Assistant

Born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Back in 2013, she met Ivana Bosnjak and through the conversation, she asked her if I she wanted to join Ivana’s team. As you can see, she is still with the company. Her previous experience as an Interpreter of Italian To Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian has helped her in organizational skills and has been able to implement that into Ivana’s business.

Thrion Mitchell - Technical Assistant

is an online marketer from the beautiful island of Jamaica who believes that the quality of a person’s life is directly related to the value they bring to the world. As a personal student of Ivana Bosnjak, and a true action taker, he was excited to join this team to help others grow their successful digital businesses. While he continues to learn and implement new strategies for Authority Transformers he is also building his own business.

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